Experience Points and DiNusty Cyberpunk Challenge #006 - FINAL

General / 14 April 2020

We got to the end! I am quite happy with where I am with this piece and I didn't want to finish it too long after the deadline as I still wanted to feel like part of the challenge :P

This is the state of the environment at it's final state.

I've completed a vending machine and some pieces of rubbish to scatter around.

I've used the foliage tool to scatter rubbish around quickly and randomly. 

I've finished the little street food area however, I feel that this is the area that I would work on more if I did it again. I feel that it either needs relighting or it just needs to be less busy as something is not clicking to the extent that I would want it.

I have also created a last decal pass using some graffiti types that I have made but I did not try to go overboard with it.

Generally I feel that this project is a good condensation of all the things i have learnt in the past few years and hopefully it shows some progress from my first works to this one. I will maybe come back to fix some little bugs here and there but I feel that the shape it is now is final!

Thank you for following this blog on thsi journey!