Experience Points and DiNusty Cyberpunk Challenge #003

General / 30 March 2020

So, quite a big update today! I've made some quite dramatic changes to the scene and what it looks like.

I've felt that the scene was too linear and that too many things were going to the side of scene and the composition just wasn't interesting enough. 

I have removed the capsule hotel from the middle and moved it to the side. to capture more of the cityscape in the background and I've started experimenting with what could be in there.

I saw at this image in my moodboard and thought the idea of a subway train going through the middle was quite nice so I started experimenting.

This was the initial idea just with simple cubes to see how the shape would work.

Created a simple shape blockout to see what the shapes  I would like.

And here is the final product for now. There is still a long way to go with several iterations but I am please in the direction that this went. I felt this piece was missing out of the puzzle and I can easily work around this to make it a much more interesting piece.

Till the next time!