Experience Points and DiNusty Cyberpunk Challenge #002

General / 29 March 2020

Finally I have been able to come back to this piece and start working on it again! Due to the virus outbreak I've had several changes up and down in my work schedule so I have some more time to start working on this again! I probably won't make it in time to finish for the deadline but I still strive to complete this piece. 

I have managed to complete a semi decent blockout of what I would like in the scene. I imagine the scene to be quite intimate with a lot of objects scattered around. 

After that I put in some initial lighting to start getting the correct mood for this piece. 

I have started to generate a few materials for the scene and the first few of those was a trim sheet which I LOVE using as it is so versatile!

  I still have loads to finish and do as what I mostly focus on was the buildings on the right to get the proper Tokyo feeling. I must populate the scene with neon lighting and roughen it up to feel lived in rather than what it is at the moment.


The area which I am quite excited by is the little street food stand in the corner. I imagine it to be quite dirty and rough but have a little table where people can sit and play board games etc. but I first must get around to all of the other parts to get to the nice bits :P

Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated!