Experience Points and DiNusty Cyberpunk Challenge #005

General / 09 April 2020

Hey all,

So I am thinking that I am reaching the last 30% of the environment with the final assets still being made. One thing that I can instantly say about this is what I am always guilty of - over scoping. It is a sad thing that a lot of people do to themselves and I am one of those people! 

There were so many assets that had to be included but I am trying to finish them all of to the same quality as each other to achieve the best possible outcome. This is the current state of the scene. I also have fixed my gamma settings on my monitor which were toying with the my perception of the scene!

I have started to finish off the little bar/shop area with some assets such as plastic stools and creates - this area still needs some roughing up making it looked lived in. Made a little teriyaki stand :D

This side of the scene including the karaoke club still needs a lot of work and I tell myself I will get to it some day :P

The enternance to the metro station is slowly starting to get a shape but it still needs several decals and such to make it seem like an actual metro station. The road is looking pretty cool tho!

One thing I did is I removed the arches from the left and exchanged it with a modular warehouse looking building. I think it grounds the scene and makes it look like a real place.


A close up of some of the small assets that I have created - including my rubbish bags created in Marvellous Designer.