Royal Breweries Modular Environment

So here it is, my modular environment created for the Modular Environments course with Clinton Crumpler. I have learnt a huge amount of things and I am really happy about the course.

The environment is based on the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam. Everything in this scene is created by me except for the posters graphic. I think what the project taught me mostly is confidence in my own skills and being able to push myself further and further.

Everything was modelled in Maya and was mainly textures using trimsheets and tileables which provide amazing possibilities!

Once again, thanks to Clinton and Polycount community who helped me tremendously!

Link to WIP post:

Konrx bialowas jpeg1
Konrx bialowas 4
Konrx bialowas 2
Konrx bialowas 3
Konrx bialowas 7
Konrx bialowas 5
Konrx bialowas 6
Konrx bialowas 8
Konrx bialowas material trimsheet


Konrx bialowas material lime

Lime and Brick

Konrx bialowas material tiles

Concrete Tiles

Konrx bialowas material whitetiles

White Tiles

Konrx bialowas screenshot 1

General reference