Słowo - An experience in the Slavic world

Słowo is an exploration game set in 8th century in the lands of present Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. It explores Slavic culture in a way that has not been presented before. It is a forgotten culture that we would like to celebrate in a form of a game that can be accessed by anyone.

I have been responsible for Environment Art, Level Art and Game Design. These are some of my favourite assets from the game. It has been pretty challenging as we only had under 2 months to complete an entire project like this, however I have learn several skills over the course of this assignment. The game will be shown at EGX Rezzed London during 13-15th April 2018. If you are there, come and say hi!

The game will still be developed over the next coming month to add more gameplay features.

Konrx bialowas perun
Konrx bialowas longhut
Konrx bialowas babajaga
Konrx bialowas 1
Konrx bialowas forestcreek