Siqiujor Jungle

An environment inspired by my recent trip to the Philippines. I loved all the fauna and the unique looking jungle environments. This was my first attempt at a organic environment so I am pretty happy with how this turned out. My inspiration was all the Naughty Dog games and

I was responsible for creating all the assets in this scene. Foliage was sculpted in zBrush, Materials were created in substance designer and it was all put together in UE4.

I look forward to seeing your feedback and ideas :)

Konrx bialowas render 03
Konrx bialowas render 01
Konrx bialowas render 02
Konrx bialowas render 05
Konrx bialowas render 04
Konrx bialowas detailao

Detail AO

Konrx bialowas layout


Konrx bialowas 82w8tuqr0ztj

References and moodboard.